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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

House Hunting 101: How Much Rent Can I Afford?

Budget Planning for Your New Lake Los Angeles Rental SearchAs a renter, it is crucial to discern how much rent you can handle prior to the start of your rental home search. The best way to know exactly how much rent you can afford is to start by taking a closer look at your household budget. By assimilating accurate income and expense numbers, one can confidently find a rental home that takes into account both your chosen lifestyle and your paycheck. Although different Lake Los Angeles property management companies hunt for diversity, it’s a good thing to stay open during your rental home search.

Rental experts imply that you should be spending only less than or equal to 30% of your gross income on rent annually. That is your gross income or your income before taxes and other deductions, not your take-home pay. So, for example, if you make $40,000 per year from all sources of income, your ideal maximum rent amount is $1,000 per month. Assuredly, this is a simple strategy for figuring out how much rent you can manage. There are emergency expenses that need to be prioritized.

In particular, if you are a debtor and have to pay large monthly payments that you can’t change or reduce, these expenses should be included in your calculations. In addition, your budget must show an accurate account of two types of expenses: fixed and variable. Food, transportation, medicine, utilities, and other necessary expenses should be added up in the “fixed expenses” category. Entertainment, vacation travel, and so on would go on the “variable” (a.k.a. optional) list. When you are aware of how much you’re spending and where you can quickly come to a realistic estimate of how much rent you can actually afford. In sectors where rents are overpriced, it may be difficult to stick to the 30% rule. This might force you to rethink some of your other expenses to better afford your rent.

Of course, how much you think you can afford to pay is only one half of the equation. When appealing for a rental home, different property management companies and landlords might have different ideas concerning what establishes a desirable tenant. Despite you being able to prove that you have the means to afford the advertised rental rate, many property managers or landlords might still hesitate to offer you a lease for other reasons. Qualification criteria may include things such as past credit history, and whether or not you own pets.

In order to gain the best result, help and be impartial with the property manager or landlord as well as provide all requested information promptly and in full. It doesn’t hurt to make sure that you arrive on time to all meetings and look decent. These may seem like minute details, but a lasting first impression can aid you in assuring the property manager that you are a responsible and conscientious tenant.

Against your best efforts, occasionally, the rental house will be given to somebody else. Remember to stay positive and strive to maintain or improve your financial situation. You may be caught off guard on why the property manager or landlord did not give it to you, and it certainly does not imply that you are not a capable candidate for another house. As long as you are applying for rental homes that fall within your range of affordability, the right one for you should come along soon.

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